Warning shots were fired by South Korea when a ship from North Korea crossed the disputed maritime border. North Korea then fired its own shots in retaliation.

The North Korean merchant vessel retreated as soon as the shots were fired by the South Korean navy. Then North Korea fired it’s own warning shots stating they fired the shots,”on the pretext of tracking down an unidentified ship.”

The maritime border has always been a bone of contention between the two countries, and several clashes have occurred at this location over the years.

Tensions in the regions have been high lately as North Korea have launched missiles in the direction of South Korea and Japan. It is also widely expected that the country will carry out a nuclear test in the near future.

These warning shots came on the same day as talks led by US deputy secretary of state Wendy Sherman were held with Japan and South Korea. These talks have been seen a show of unity in response to the provocative behavior that North Korea has shown in recent weeks.