Earlier in the week President Joe Biden warned Russia that it would be making a severe mistake if it deploys a tactical nuclear weapon in Ukraine. The statement is Biden’s most recent warning to the Russian President against escalating the impact of the months-long war. According to Karine Jean-Pierre, the White House Press Secretary, the American President was clear about what he said. Russia’s use of nuclear weapons in Ukraine would be a major mistake that would cause serious consequences.

Top US administration officials are seeking to interpret Moscow’s claims that Kyiv is getting ready to drop a dirty bomb on Ukraine. Western leaders have claimed that this allegation is false. However, the allegations have raised fears that Russia could be planning to launch that kind of attack to escalate the conflict in Ukraine. Biden provided a sharp warning against such an attack in short remarks on Tuesday, October 25th. After receiving a booster shot for Covid 19 at the White House, Biden made the statement.

The Russian Defense Ministry in Moscow did not provide proof on Monday this week when it claimed that scientific institutions in Ukraine housed the technology required to create a dirty bomb, and Kyiv was planning to launch it.

Ukraine, the United States, NATO, the European Union, and the UK strongly contested Russia’s allegations. They, in turn, accused Russia of attempting to launch a false-flag operation. United States officials have claimed that they do not see evidence of Russia preparing to use unconventional weapons, like dirty bombs, on Ukraine’s battlefield. They have also claimed not to see proof that President Vladimir Putin has decided to use a dirty bomb.

Yet, the rhetoric has led to a deep concern about Russia preparing to escalate the conflict. On Monday, White House officials said that the United States is doing its best to monitor any potential preparation to use a nuclear weapon in Ukraine. Still, nothing indicates the eminent use of such a bomb.