The Los Angeles Lakers scored another victory this season. This was a bittersweet victory for the NBA team. They were mourning the loss of their former teammate, Kobe Bryant, earlier this year. They also had to deal with the coronavirus impacting the NBA. Despite the uphill battles, the team managed to score a history-making win. They won their 17th title this year.

The team played against Miami Heat in the NBA finals. The score was 106-93 in favor of the Lakers. They won four games to two against Miami. The finals didn’t reach game seven before they won the championship. It was a history-making win for the team because it was their 17th win. This is the Laker’s first time being in the finals since 2010 when Kobe Bryant was still playing. It was Bryant’s fifth and final title. The team also made history by tying the Boston Celtics for the most wins.

It’s the fourth championship for Lebron James. Ironically two of his wins were with Miami Heat. He finished the game with a triple-double for the night. James had 28 points, 14 rebounds, and 10 assists. He was easily a lock for MVP. He is the first player in the NBA to win MVP with multiple teams. He has the second-most wins as MVP. The only player who is ahead of him is former basketball legend Michael Jordan. Jordan has six MVP wins.

The team decided to dedicate the win to their former teammate Kobe Bryant. He died in January in a plane crash. The players were thinking about him throughout the game. They chanted his nickname during their huddles. The fans also shouted his name in the streets when they won the game. Anthony Davis let everyone know how the team wanted to win for Bryant. They didn’t want to disappoint him by losing.