Last week it came to light that there was a plot to kidnap Governor Whitmer of Michigan, a plot considered to be a serious risk by the FBI. The FBI was able to discover and stop the plot from one of their informers. The kidnapping was planned and would have been carried out by thirteen people, seven of whom are members of a far-right militia group. It took a month for the FBI to gather enough evidence to arrest the thirteen suspects, who had plans to kidnap or kill Whitmer.

The accused were opposed to the policies of Governor Whitmer, as she is a Democrat highly critical of President Trump especially concerning his response to the COVID19. They were also opposed to the measures the governor introduced such as wearing masks as they felt wearing a facemask reduced their liberties. Yet the careful planning of the plotters was undermined due to the undisclosed informant providing the FBI with all the details of the plot. So far five have been charged with conspiring to kidnap and a further seven members of the same militia group have been charged under anti-terrorism offenses.