Joe Biden is now President of the United States and upon that change, he is looking to pass several executive orders. Several executive orders have already been signed and they have been changes to increase federal food assistance help and also push forth the stimulus checks. There is a relief package that has already been proposed, one that reaches more than $1.9 trillion.

Within the first 3 days, Biden has already signed 30 executive orders. One of those was looking to halt the funding that was going toward building the wall that Trump intended to construct along the border. Biden is also looking to reverse the travel ban for Muslim countries and more.

One executive order is also looking to quicken the delivery of vaccine supplies and speed up manufacturing and delivery of those goods. A Pandemic Testing Board has also been established that will expand COVID-19 testing in the country. They are also looking to enhance the collection of COVID-19 related data across the country too.

Most of the executive orders that were passed were related to the coronavirus. Some of them were reversal efforts on what the Trump administration had also previously done. One of those reversal decisions was the move to prevent the country from going through with a withdrawal from the World Health Organization. They also want to join the Paris Climate accord again which is a process that is going to take several weeks. This is one move that has severely angered Republicans who celebrated Trump’s move to pull out of that agreement previously.

Another executive order that had been signed also looks to extend the existing pause that has been placed on student loan payments as well, and more. Biden was also quick to make changes to Trump’s expansion of immigration enforcement that has taken place around the country too. These are just some of the changes that they’ve started with.

To see the full list of Executive Orders Joe Biden has signed please click here.