USAID is presently known as the world’s premier international development agency. In the U.S., this agency’s primary role is to be a catalytic actor that drives development results. The work that this government agency does focuses on several different initiatives, including advances the U.S. in:

  • Supporting national security and economic prosperity
  • Demonstrating American generosity
  • Promoting a path to self-sustainability by looking for ways to assist others globally on their own development journey

In short, when USAID provides help, they are looking to help in completely transforming communities and families across the globe in a variety of essential ways. In specific, when foreign aid is provided, it is intended to help others to prosper and thrive well. And, here are some of the critical events that this agency is usually there for.

  • To assist communities during times like epidemic that impacts the world
  • Responding to a devastating earthquake
  • Helping farmers in accessing tools to grow their businesses.