Dustin Poirier was able to beat Conor McGregor in the recent match in Abu Dhabi that happened on Saturday(1/23/21). McGregor is making no excuses for the loss and says that it was a phenomenal performance put on by Dustin. Poirier was able to get McGregor on the ground in the first round and landed several shots in the second. McGregor was able to bring back the fight a bit and get back onto his feet not long after and the two put on a really good fight. Solid shots were landed by both sides and McGregor eventually got pinned to the cage by Dustin before landing several shots. This comes after Dustin previously lost to McGregor back in 2014 and now they are matched with 1-1 and Poirier says that they need to do it again now to see who is the real winner now that they are at a tie together with both one having a win on their side now.

Dustin Poirier was able to deliver a knockout to McGregor and win the fight which quickly put an end to his return to the octagon. This was one entertaining match again for their lightweight fight at UFC 257 that took place in the United Arab Emirates. This was McGregor’s first fight of the year and this rematch was years in the making after McGregor previously won back in 2014 within a matter of 106 seconds against Poirier. After that, it didn’t take long for McGregor to become the featherweight champion only 15 months after. Dustin went on to win several fights, only having one loss in the next 11 after that. Fans had been waiting a while to see McGregor come back to the octagon and he is making no excuses for how the fight went down.