On Thursday(7/6/22), Boris Johnson announced his resignation as UK Prime Minister, effective immediately. In a letter to Queen Elizabeth II, Johnson stated that he was resigning “with great regret” but that it was in the best interests of the country. This marks the end of Johnson’s tumultuous tenure as Prime Minister. During his time in office, Johnson faced significant challenges, including the ongoing Brexit negotiations.

In his resignation letter, Johnson praised the British people for “the immense privilege that you have given me” in the face of these challenges. He also pledged to continue to support the government from the backbenches. Johnson, who was forced to resign by his own party after more than 50 ministers and aides resigned and MPs declared he must go, claimed that his party wanted someone else in control, but that his forced departure was “eccentric” and the product of “herd instinct” in parliament.

Disgraceful issues, including the failure to adhere to pandemic lockdown laws, the appointment of an alleged sexual abuser, were among the reasons for his resignation from office. With cheers and acclaim, he began his speech, but booing could be heard from those outside Downing Street. Many of Johnson’s allies had deserted him after the latest controversy weakened their resolve to stand by him during his final days of fighting for his job.

Mr. Johnson has stated that he will remain in his position until the Conservative Party selects a new leader, which may take months. He said a group of top Conservative legislators would deliberate on Monday on a timeline for his retirement and the appointment of a replacement. As a result of Mr. Johnson’s departure, a turbulent term that began with a landslide triumph three years ago and ended with a victorious campaign to remove Britain from the European Union comes to a close. Because he felt it was his responsibility and commitment to continue the work he had done since the Conservative Party’s overwhelming election victory in 2019 on a vow to “Get Brexit Done,” Mr. Johnson said he had tried to keep his post.