Last Thursday(6/30/22), President Biden announced that the United States would be providing an additional $800 million in security assistance to Ukraine. The new assistance package includes money for military training and equipment, as well as support for economic and democratic reforms. In a statement, President Biden said that the United States is committed to standing with Ukraine as it confronts Russian aggression. By providing this assistance, the United States is sending a clear message that it will not tolerate Russian aggression or interference in Ukrainian affairs.

During a press conference following the NATO meeting in Madrid, Vice President Joe Biden announced that the alliance was “unified” in reaction to Russia’s aggression in Ukraine. Among other things, President Joe Biden announced that the latest aid package would include more counter-battery radars, artillery, and ammunition, including ammunition for the recently-supplied High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARS). Even other countries, according to President Biden, will send HIMARS to the Ukrainian conflict zone.

National security advisor Jake Sullivan of the White House indicated earlier this week that the United States would deliver air defense systems to Ukraine with a medium- and long-range capability, but he failed to say which specific system would be sent. In addition to $40 billion in humanitarian aid, Congress has authorized $40 billion in security, economic, and economic aid for Ukraine. There will be an official announcement of $800 million in additional aid within the next several days, according to President Biden. After the summit, President Joe Biden took a victory lap, declaring that he informed Vladimir Putin before he invaded Ukraine that doing so would strengthen NATO. He also reiterated the United States’ plans to increase its European forces and other NATO countries’ commitments to increase defense spending to fulfill the alliance’s aim of 2 percent of GDP.