The 2023 Masters was won over the weekend by Jon Rahm. The second big victory of his career, this was his first claim to the coveted green jacket.

Rahm continued to move forward to seize the win and shoot his way to victory despite the unfavorable weather that existed during the competition. Rahm remarked that one of the main reasons he plays is because of the game’s rich history as he waved to the audience after receiving his green jacket. Rahm said that the overall victory was memorable and significant, and he worked tirelessly to get it.

It was one of the most interesting and thrilling games I’ve recently watched. Before pairing with Bennett over the weekend, Rahm was able to reduce Koepka’s advantage to just two. Many people took advantage of the better weather on Sunday, and Rahm persevered all the way to the finish line to secure the major victory and take home the jacket.