Many decades ago, there were two physicists known as Lise Meitner and Otto Frisch who went on to make a notable discovery that would change the world forever. Together, they worked to discover nuclear fission in December of 1938.

This was a nuclear reaction process that they discovered that involves the nucleus of an atom splitting into smaller and lighter nuclei, as well as other potential particles. The fission process also produces gamma rays and releases a great deal of energy. The discovery of the chain reaction was what moved the field forward in developing nuclear power as well as the nuclear weapons that we see around the world today. As a result of their work, Otto Hahn went on to be awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry with regard to the discovery of nuclear fission.

It was not a short journey either, as they had worked for some time; the discovery of nuclear fission is said to have finally been made after decades of investigation—about 40 years. There is no question today that it was the German chemist Otto Hahn and his colleague who were responsible for this notable discovery that still has implications in the world today and throughout history.