The U.S.A. has announced it will give $53 million to Ukraine so it can buy power grid equipment to help the country fight Russian attacks targeting its energy infrastructure. The attacks on this infrastructure have left millions of Ukrainians in the dark without heating. The U.S. will deliver the equipment rapidly on an emergency basis to Ukraine to help the citizens persevere through the winter. This is according to the U.S. State Department. It stated this on November 29th.

This announcement came as NATO foreign ministers met in Bucharest to concentrate on increasing military assistance for Ukraine. The State Department also said the package would include circuit breakers, surge arresters, vehicles, disconnectors, and distribution transformers, among other equipment. Russia has conducted significant attacks on Ukraine’s heating and electricity transmission infrastructure roughly every week since October. Kyiv and its allies say the attacks are a deliberate campaign to disrupt the lifestyle of civilians which is considered a war crime.

The most recent aid package from the United States comes as the Russian army has concentrated on aerial missile attacks on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure. Moscow’s war on Ukraine has progressed into its tenth month. Last week, Ukraine’s Energy Ministry stated that after Russia attacked the energy infrastructure, Ukrainians lost electricity around the country, and power plants experienced temporary blackouts. On Friday, Ukrainian officials said three nuclear power plants were operational once more after such Russian attacks shut them down.

The aid package follows a similar investment that the U.S. Agency for International Development announced in November, which included $55 million to support maintenance and repair equipment like pipes and generators that sustained damage due to Russia’s attacks. The investment goal is to restore heat to homes, residential areas, and businesses in Ukraine. The State Department said it would continue identifying additional support with partners and allies and devise long-term grid repair and restoration solutions. It also said it would assist Ukraine in building an energy system that does not depend on Russian energy.