Donald Trump was recently acquitted by the Senate(2/13/21) on the issue of his impeachment trial. There is still much hope with his supporters that he is going to run again in 2024 for another Presidential term. There were dozens of Republican senators who voted in favor, 43 of them in favor of the acquittal. This is the second time that Trump has been acquitted and we have seen former President’s impeached for arguably far less.

The charges that Trump had been facing this time were allegations that he incited his supporters to storm the Capitol on Jan 6th earlier this year. We saw that thousands of people trespassed onto Capitol hill in a highly anticipated gathering in support of Trump. To some, it wasn’t surprising what unfolded but it became a topic of debate for the entire country. Even many republicans at that point couldn’t stand on the side of this sort of action, which resulted in harm and violence being inflicted upon officers who were on duty. Those actions flew in the face of any ‘law and order’ rhetoric and did severe damage to the party that asserts to be mindful of law enforcement and their authority.

Many suspect that Trump is going to run again in 2024 but that won’t happen without great push back from millions, as we saw over the last several years. For now, it will be Biden and Harris for the next few years and we will have to wait and see if it ends up being Trump vs Biden again in 2024 and if Trump will be able to take it home then. As for the GOP senators that voted to impeach Trump there were several of them. They were expecting to see a guilty vote but Trump once again managed to bypass responsibility.