There have been severe power outages and storms that have hit certain areas of the United States. Texas has been one of the worst-hit areas so far. There have been millions in Texas who have gone for days without power and are facing issues with burst pipes and flooding, severe water damage to their homes. Some businesses have been offering free food or shelter to those in need, while others have been trying to sleep in their cars to survive. It has been one of the most historic snowstorms to hit Texas in decades. They are not used to this sort of weather, nor are the homes in this region built for this. Many people had their pipes burst and saw unexpected flooding to their homes, destroying all of their possessions. Plumbers and emergency workers have been getting non-stop calls to try and help those in the area.

Along with that, there have been hazardous road conditions. This makes it difficult for supply trucks to navigate the area and get in and out so that they can bring in more goods and water. There are some people who have been having to go out and get clean water from community pipes because they have nothing at their home and stores are sold out. This is a devastating storm that has already cost several people their lives. Millions of people had to go without power until it was restored a few days ago but there were several thousand left still waiting to get theirs turned back on. The damage that has been inflicted is a problem that some will still be dealing with for some time, even after the snow clears for them on the property. It was a gross failure of leadership that also contributed to the problem being much worse and Texas came very close to catastrophic energy grid failure that could’ve taken months to repair.