The current 2020-21 NBA season began on Dec 22th 2020. The NBA announced that authorities with the NBA struck a deal with the National Basketball Players Association that enabled the season to begin on that date.

NBA’s Board of Governors approved an amendment to the Collective Bargaining Agreement which was pushed through by a unanimous vote and in turn this made the change possible giving the players only 71 days of rest instead of the regular 141 in the offseason.

The end of the new NBA season is expected to run until sometime in May, scheduled for May 16th 2021. The player workouts went from Dec 1st-5th, group player workouts from Dec 6th-10th, and preseason from Dec 11th-19th. Every team that is participating in the current NBA season is going to play 72 regular season games which is 10 games fewer games than you would typically get in a regular NBA season.

Anyone who tests positive during the NBA season is going to have to take 10 days off and be monitored in order to assess their symptoms. They will be monitored in their individual workouts and team traveling is going to be limited to 45 people including at least 17 players. The players are going to be visiting different arenas and playing in various locations. There is also an anonymous tip line provided for any information to be shared relating to symptoms and other COVID-19 issues etc, a way for people to report any safety violations.