The Moderna COVID-19 vaccine received emergency use authorization on December 18th of this year(2020) which will allow this vaccine to be distributed to people in the United States. The vaccine would go to people who are 18 years of age and older. The vaccine has been developed for COVID-19 and is believed to be at least 94.5 percent effective from what they have seen in early results. Not only that but they have also found that the Moderna vaccine has also been well received and is generally well tolerated by those who have taken it.

This is an action that the FDA has taken to try and step up their fight against COVID-19. With several vaccines being worked on right now, the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine is one of the first ones to receive the green light to be distributed across the United States. The vaccine has newly been approved for emergency use and that is going to offer one more tool for healthcare workers to help those who have become infected with the virus. This is the second vaccine that has been authorized for emergency use in the United States, it comes after the Pfizer vaccine was the first one to be given the green light for emergency use distribution.

Already, it is expected that roughly 6 million doses of the Moderna vaccine are going to be shipped around the country. Overall before the beginning of next year, Moderna is looking to ramp up those distributions to more than 20 million vaccine doses. By the first quarter of next year it could be as many as 100 million doses that are ready and available for Americans who are willing to take them. The Moderna vaccine is unlike the competitor because it doesn’t need to be stored at sub-zero temperatures and this gives more room for healthcare workers to work with when trying to store and distribute the doses.