Russian troops have been withdrawing from the Ukrainian city of Kherson, which was the only regional capital that Russia had been able to take control of. Ukrainian forces have been making advances on the city for several weeks.

An announcement was made by General Sergey Surovikin on Russian TV, explaining that supplies to the city cannot be maintained. This has left Russia with no choice but to withdraw in order to protect the lives and well-being of their service personnel.

Ukrainian officials do have some degree of scepticism about the withdrawal. There are some concerns that it may be a trap and that Russia is not actually going to withdraw all troops. There is also concern about the land mines that they have left behind. Nevertheless, Ukrainian troops have been able to raise their flags on buildings in the area, and people have taken to the streets to celebrate.

It has now been several months since things have gone Russia’s way in the war. They have lost most of the territory that they have gained in the east, and it is hard to see where any new gains are going to come from.