Last Thursday(7/29/21) President Biden announced to all federal workers they would need to be vaccinated as soon as possible or face restrictions. He made it clear that all federal employees, including on-site contractors, should be vaccinated against the unending coronavirus.

In the announcement, he was categorically clear that those who have not been vaccinated will be repeatedly tested and required to wear face masks.

This comes at a time the stubborn Delta variant of the coronavirus is widely spreading while the vaccination process has stalled. Biden’s administration hopes that through this message, all employers will strive to help all their employees and customers get vaccinated as they continue with the fight against coronavirus.

Biden also stated that, if they had a higher vaccination rate, then the administration would not be in the position they were in at that moment. He also stated, “If you are not vaccinated, you add a problem to yourself, your family, and those you work with.” He finished by saying that the only way to put the virus behind us is to get more people vaccinated.

This announcement had an immediate resentment among many federal workers saying that requiring vaccination was a breach of their civil rights.