Narcan has been used in a variety of instances for drug overdoses around the United States and elsewhere. Now, it might be making its way into schools. More specifically, Connecticut is looking to use Narcan to help prevent youth overdoses in schools. There is a plea for Narcan to be introduced and used in schools and that means making the substance available everywhere for public places like schools and possibly other venues. There are some who want children to be educated on how to use Narcan when there might be a possible overdose going on. There are some people who have been able to use this product in saving lives with how effective it can be in treating overdoses which is why some schools are looking to have it available now for that purpose.

It is because of potential overdose situations that the product is said to be needed. The Narcan product is going to put a tool into administrator hands that can potentially be used to bring a solution when there is an overdose which is why there is a growing call to have this in schools and other public venues. Student overdose deaths are what have also fueled this call for this product to be brought to schools in more regions after students have been exposed to fentanyl. This product has been known to be the difference between life or death for some who had been exposed to fentanyl. This gives schools a way to treat future overdose situations and why emergency teams use this around the U.S. today and elsewhere for overdose situations that they come across. It could work to bring the same value to schools when used in the right way as well.