Mike Johnson has been chosen House of Representatives’ Speaker. Following three weeks without a speaker, the House cast a ballot yesterday to choose Louisiana native Rep. Mike Johnson.

The Republican Louisiana legislator won in the lower office of Congress, his appointment ended three weeks of leaderless mayhem in the House.

Johnson won the votes of each of the 220 Republicans who cast a vote, while every one of the 209 Democrats present decided in favor of their leader, New York’s Hakeem Jeffries. Because of four absentees in the chamber, Johnson required 215 of the votes to become House speaker.

Mr Johnson is the fourth conservative considered for the office of House Speaker since the ousting of Kevin McCarthy on 3rd October.

Conveying his inaugural speech as the House’s 56th speaker, Johnson promised to modify and reestablish the trust of the American public, which he recognized had been harmed by the disorder of previous weeks.

In an open statement, Joe Biden congratulated Johnson on his triumph and vowed to work together with House Republicans for the benefit of the American citizens.

Johnson won the nomination for House conservatives’ speaker after the past candidate, Tom Emmer of Minnesota, suddenly exited the race after around four hours on Tuesday evening.