Bernie Sanders won the New Hampshire Primary last night bringing in 75,690 votes and 9 delegates.

The New Hampshire race was very close for Sanders yesterday especially since Pete Buttigieg lost by a narrow margin bringing in 71,999 votes and walking away with 9 delegates also.

For the top 8 candidates the final results for the New Hampshire primary are as follows:

CandidateDelegatesPercentage of VotesNumber of Votes
Bernie Sanders925.7%76,324
Pete Buttigieg924.4%72,457
Amy Klobuchar619.8%58,796
Elizabeth Warren09.2%27,387
Joe Biden08.4%24,921
Tom Steyer03.6%10,727
Tulsi Gabbard03.3%9,655
Andrew Yang02.8%8,315

Although Sanders won the New Hampshire Primary he is still 2nd in delegates. Pete Buttigieg has the most delegates with 23. The current Democratic delegate count is as follows:

CandidateTotal Delegate Count
Pete Buttigieg23
Bernie Sanders22
Elizabeth Warren8
Amy Klobuchar7
Joe Biden6

Although Buttigieg has received the most delegates so far, Sanders has received the most votes with 76,324 from last nights primary and 563 from Iowa’s bringing his total vote count to 76,887. Buttigieg maintains a close 2nd in the total number of votes received so far with 73,020.

After the polls closed last night Entrepreneur Andrew Yang and Senator Michael Bennet from Colorado withdrew from the race.

The next Democratic primary is in Nevada and that occurs on February 22nd.