Palestinians inspect the damage following an Israeli airstrike on the El-Remal aera in Gaza City on October 9, 2023. Israel continued to battle Hamas fighters on October 10 and massed tens of thousands of troops and heavy armour around the Gaza Strip after vowing a massive blow over the Palestinian militants' surprise attack. Photo by Naaman Omar apaimages

Earlier today Israel’s military called for all civilians of Gaza City to relocate within 24 hours. This could be a signal of impending ground offensive although it has not yet been confirmed. Over 1 million people, about half of the territory’s population, are expected to leave. However, the United Nations (UN) has said that it is impossible to evacuate everyone because power supplies, food, and water are cut.

As per a statement on X (formerly Twitter), Israel Defense Forces (IDF) spokesperson, Jonathan Conricus, said that Palestinians should leave their homes and head southwards for their own safety and protection. Jonathan further added that the residents will only return after another announcement permitting their return is made.

The Palestinians in Gaza are already living under a complete siege imposed this week by Israel on the Hamas-controlled territory, in retaliation for Saturday’s deadly terrorist attack that left more than 1,200 people dead including soldiers. Currently, Palestinians living in Gaza City are without electricity, food, fuel and water.

This directive comes as Israel ramps up its preparations for ground attacks on Gaza, including positioning at least 300,000 reservists near the border. However, IDF has insisted that no decision has been made.

On Thursday, Israel launched new attacks vowing they will not stop until Hamas militants release the hostages. The United States confirmed that 27 Americans were killed in the Hamas attack and 14 are missing.

Hours after Israel ordered Palestinians to leave the Gaza Strip, there were no signs of Palestinians leaving. Instead, a few dozen people gathered at al-Shifa Hospital vowing they were not going anywhere! It is too early to determine what will happen if there is a stand-off.

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