UN Secretary-General António Guterres on Sunday appealed to Hamas to ”immediately” and unconditionally liberate all hostages. This was through a post on the social media app X.

In the post, the UN Secretary-General also appealed to Israel to permit swift and unhampered admission of humanitarian aid for regular citizens in the Gaza Strip.

Guitteres was inclusive of both parties’ interests and called on them, stating that “Each of these objectives is valid in its own right.” He went on ahead to ask them to do what is right without leveraging on those objectives.

The Gazan territory, of over two million civilians, has been under a total blockade from October 7th and tensed over the possibility of a ground intrusion. Israeli Defense Forces have maintained a consistent siege and wouldn’t permit philanthropic aid to Gaza until Hamas lets go of hostages.

The UN head, however, sounded a desperate warning, saying: Gaza is running out of water, power, and other fundamental supplies.