Dustin Poirier has recorded two wins against the most renowned star in the history of mixed martial arts. His latest fight on Saturday night(7/10/21), however, did not end on the best terms. In the first round, the fight was stopped after Conor McGregor broke his left ankle. Conor was angry about how he lost the fight and believed that it was not fair.

Poirier threw a combination of hits at the end of the first round that sent McGregor to land on the mat after planting his left foot and buckling his leg. The land of McGregor did not stop Poirier as he followed McGregor to the ground and threw punches. Herb Dean, who was the referee, had to stop the lightweight bout as McGregor was severely hurt. The fight had to be stopped at five minutes into the first round so that McGregor could get medical attention.

The fight ended with Poirier receiving 28-6 points and McGregor finishing with 22-6 points. Poirier was automatically announced the winner. The untimely finish of the match left the audience disappointed as they believed that the fight was not a fair win. McGregor fans booed for their unfortunate loss. In his post-fight interview, Poirier said that he had hurt McGregor on the ankle, which led to the ankle buckling towards the end of the first round. However, McGregor denied the claims about his hurt ankle.

McGregor was severely injured and required surgery that was scheduled for the next day early in the morning. Poirier’s win automatically made him the top contender to fight for the UFC lightweight title against Charles Oliveira.

A rematch of the battle will be held once McGregor fully recovers. Poirier said that he did not feel a sense of closure following the incident. He went on to say that the fight between him and McGregor would happen on the ring or the sidewalk.