Part of a group of recovered Covid-19 patients has reported experiencing unrelenting and unpredictable post-COVID-19 symptoms similar to those experienced during the acute stage long after recovering from the disease. This unique scenario consists of patients who don’t belong to either of the two known groups of the virus(those with mild responses and those with severe responses) have since come to be called Covid-19 Long Haulers by medical experts.

Long Haulers have reported experiencing profound fatigue, loss of memory, loss of hair, hand tremors, morning nausea, dizzy spells, and concentration problems for weeks and months after their recovery. Some of those Long haulers are even facing specific challenges that have convinced other people that they still haven’t recovered from the disease.

It’s also been hard for those Covid-19 Long Haulers to confirm if they still had the virus due to the widespread shortage in medical providers’ supply and circumstances where other Long Haulers were refused the appropriate medical treatment because they did not meet the strict testing criteria after having tested negative in the first months of the pandemic. Additionally, some Long Haulers who experienced symptoms during the first months decided to self-quarantine, but after even four months, they’re still having critical signs of the virus.