On April 1st, of this year(2021), the (Major League Baseball)MLB kicked off its season with plans for the usual 162 game schedule. All of the teams got started on the opening day except for the New York Mets and Washington Nationals, which were postponed due to some coronavirus concerns. The baseball season began after a postponed and then shortened 2020 season, which saw the Los Angeles Dodgers winning the World Series against the Tampa Bay Rays.

The MLB is allowing fans to be in attendance this year, and most of the stadiums are eager to let in those who had to miss out on seeing the sport live in 2020. Most of the stadiums are only allowing for a certain percentage of the stadium to be filled and have many protocols in place. The MLB is also planning to host an All-Star game this year after canceling the scheduled game last year, as the 2020 season got started late.