Prices are going to be going up again for millions of Amazon Prime members. Amazon announced they would be increasing membership prices this year. The increase turns out to be a 17% increase in the price for Amazon Prime memberships. There are many now who are trying to sign up before those changes go through and it becomes more expensive to get that membership and get deliveries through that program with Amazon.

Amazon is increasing its cost of $12.99 per month for the Amazon Prime membership to $14.99 per month and that is a 17% increase on the price for customers. This works out to about $20 each year with the added costs. Anyone looking to still sign up and lock in that old price for the Amazon Prime membership doesn’t have an unlimited time to be able to do it. That is why many are already looking to lock in that Prime Membership now with a better price before the 17% increase comes in. Those customers who are looking to sign up with Amazon Prime for the membership will still have some time to lock it in before things change.

Amazon joins many others who have increased their prices this year and even though there are some customers calling to cancel because of the news of that price increase there will still be millions who are likely to stick with their membership and sign up for new ones even with that hike. Currently, it’s estimated that there are some 140 million or more Prime Members with Amazon who enjoy Amazon’s special benefits including free 2-day shipping.

Amazon price changes will start on February 18th, 2022 for new customers and existing accounts will see the change take effect on March 25th, 2022.