Tuesday, September 27, 2022
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Putin’s Subtle Nuclear Threat

Last Wednesday(9/21/22) Russian President Vladimir Putin issued a chilling warning to the world: if Russia is attacked on it's mainland,"We will certainly make use...

Celebrating Rosh Hashana

Rosh Hashana is the Jewish New Year and is celebrated on the first day of Tishrei. The holiday lasts for two days and is...

President Biden’s Cancer Moonshot Initiative

President Biden's Cancer Moonshot Initiative is a national effort to accelerate progress in cancer research. One key goal of the initiative is to improve...

What Is Pikleball?

Pickleball is a paddle sport that combines elements of tennis, badminton, and table tennis. It is played on a court with a net similar...

Ukraine Recaptures over 1500 square miles From Russia

Ukrainian forces have recaptured over 1500 square miles from Russia. This is a significant victory for Ukraine, as it represents a significant loss of...