Major League Baseball is enforcing new rules in the 2023 season to speed up the game. MLB’s new rules should impact every aspect of the game, including fielding, pitching, hitting, baserunning, and fielding.

Here are MLB’s new rules for this season:

The Shift: When throwing a pitch, the four infielders should be on the infield grass, with two on each side of second base. Infield players are supposed to move as soon as the ball leaves the pitcher’s hand.

Bigger Bases: The base sizes will be increased from fifteen (15) to eighteen (18) inches.

Pitch Clock: The new rule dictates that the pitchers only have fifteen (15) seconds to throw a pitch if the bases are empty. It is also crucial to note that pitchers have only 20 seconds to pitch if a runner is on base. In a game, the hitter should be in the batter’s box within 8 seconds on the pitch clock.

Pick Off: Pitchers only have two disengagements per game’s plate appearance without incurring a penalty. However, this rule resets if a runner advances to the base.

Player Positioning: Playing teams will be more limited regarding positioning, i.e., pitching a position player in a game. In a game, the leading team can have as many as 10 players, while the team that’s trailing will be down to 8 or more to pitch a position player.