Telecommunications giants have delayed the 5G deployment and this is an announcement that Biden has recently commended. Why is this happening? Many ask whether or not 5G poses a threat to airline safety, among other questions and concerns.

Now US airlines have looked to delay the rollout of 5G because it has been reported that there are some safety concerns. The rollout for 5G was supposed to happen sometime next week but now they are asking for a delay on that schedule for the 5G rollout. There is some worry that the 5G could interfere with electronics and this is something that pilots rely heavily on. There has been an emergency filing with the FCC suggesting that they failed to think about the harm that 5G service might bring about for the airline industry. They are looking for more time to examine these changes with 5G coming to US airlines.

AT&T and Verizon Communications were two big names that had also decided they would previously delay the 5G. Why are they looking to 5G in the first place? It is believed that this service is something which provides faster speeds and not only that but that 5G also allows users to connect many devices to the internet and they can do this without slowing down.

The delay has now come about for 5G and it looks like the FAA is going to be studying 5G service further and if there might be any possible potential for interference with aircraft operations. This is one concern that many have for the airline industry and that delay won’t turn around until they get more answers on what the possible concerns or safety issues there might be. There is an airline industry trade group that has issued a warning about the potential for significant damage to come about if the 5G service rollout goes ahead near those major airports in the United States.