There have been growing tensions in Kazakhstan and recently the people took to the streets in the region to protest. They eventually made their way to torching government buildings and expressing discontent with the current government. Much of the turmoil was fueled by a spike in fuel prices, but others say that there is more to the story on why so many are upset with the current way of things in the region. Many people were seen protesting and a state of emergency had been declared in the region as a result. The internet had also been shut off for people in the region following the spark in protests that erupted and turned violent with property damage being inflicted.

Rising fuel prices, rising inflation, and alleged corruption are some of the issues that people are bringing up as to why there is protesting going on in the region. The government has faced accusations of being authoritarian for some time and people have suggested that perhaps the increase in fuel prices was the last straw. There has been chaos that erupted and spilled out onto the streets with people who were looking to demonstrate and express their frustrations with the current state of things. So far dozens have been killed in this unrest in the region and the government has claimed that terrorists are behind the violence that we have seen reported on in recent days there. It didn’t take long for things to turn from relatively stable into turmoil with protests going on and violence in the streets.