The EPA announced new strict measures on Monday(12/20/21) that require all automakers to make more fuel-efficient vehicles. This measure is designed to ensure that the newly manufactured cars and lightweight trucks average 55 miles per gallon by 2026, reducing the fuel emission rate that increased during the Trump era.

Additionally, the new standard will save Americans a lot of money and at the same time restrict billions of tons of carbon dioxide from being released into The air. According to The EPA, this ruling is one of its kind when it comes to the greenhouse gas standard ever set for the car and medium-sized vehicles industry in America.

The primary principle of the Biden administration is to follow science, and that is precisely what President Biden is doing. The key to the success of this principle is based on listening to scientific facts. As a result, rigorous and robust measures are being set to reduce pollution. This move reduces global warming that is harmful to people and the Earth at large.

The new rule is meant to back President Biden’s ambition to move to zero-emission vehicles to save billions of money and reduce pollution. The government is focused on ensuring that by 2030, half of the cars manufactured and sold are fuel-cell electric, electric, or even plug-in hybrid. If this proposal is something to go about, citizens will save a lot on fuel. If other largest pollution emissions countries follow suit, we will reduce global warming that is very dangerous to our planet.