The COVID variation dubbed Omicron poses a new challenge for the entire world. The variant is a potentially more contagious new coronavirus variant spreading through Southern Africa. The Omicron was first identified in the same country.

The news about the new variant is clear that the pandemic will not end soon until we have a global vaccination. The United States has donated the most vaccines to other countries than every other country combined.

After a briefing with the chief medical advisor and the members of the COVID response team, President Joe Biden, on a statement, ordered the white house to ban travel from 7 South African countries because of the new COVID variation Omicron. In addition to South Africa, the affected countries are Malawi, Mozambique, Lesotho, Namibia, Zimbabwe, and Botswana.

For fully vaccinated Americans – especially for most adults – the excellent way to reinforce their protection is getting a booster shot once they’re eligible. The boosters are convenient, accessible, and safe.

For those that are not fully vaccinated, get vaccinated today. This life-saving protection is available for both adults and children. If you’re not vaccinated, now is the time.