The new Biden administration is changing the stance of the country when it comes to helping with COVID-19. Just recently they made the move for the U.S. to help with funding a global access facility for COVID-19 vaccines. They announced that on Jan 21st, 2021 and they are joining the initiative now that is going to help ensure global access to vaccines for COVID-19.

The United States will now participate in and help fund the COVID-19 Vaccine Global Access Facility also called COVAX.

Many people were waiting to see what Biden would do with COVID-19 and since taking office he has passed a variety of measures that are looking to help address the issue. They are looking to get involved with passing out vaccines to billions of people by the end of this year. Already in the U.S., many people have been getting their vaccines without any issue.

They are going to establish a global network that will contribute to addressing this problem, where many people are looking to get the vaccine. They are going to be pooling resources to help with the COVID-19 fight and the U.S. is in a much stronger position than others to help with this. Biden is finally taking the initiative for the country to move forward in helping more aggressively with rolling out vaccines and addressing the spread of COVID-19.

The support from the United States that they will be giving to the establishment of the global access facility for vaccines is going to give it a significant push to help deliver the vaccines to people, especially those with lower-income economies who might have had more of a difficult time gaining access. The U.S. is stepping up to help as they always do and sending what help that they can in order to help with getting the facility taken care of and functioning properly. Now there will be much more help with the vaccine fight because of their inclusion into that program.