Christopher Krebs was the head of the Department of Homeland Security. He had the authority to oversee election security. Many political figures like the way that he handled the previous presidential election that took place in November. One thing that Krebs did was to ensure that the election process was not compromised again by any outside force. As a matter of fact, he performed his job so well that his efforts were praised at the federal, state, and even local levels. He had transformed the election environment since 2016. This environment is what contributed to his dismissal by the president.

Krebs clearly stated that there were no incidents of voter fraud. He ensured that the election environment was free from that type of interference. Krebs stance on the issue runs counter with President Trump’s claims that he somehow won the election and that tampering and/or fraud has taken place. Krebs revealed that he knew that he was going to be fired. Still, he did not have a choice but to speak the truth. Trump announced on Twitter on November 17, 2020 that Krebs was fired from his post. He stated that Krebs was “inaccurate with his assertion because there was a great deal of fraud and there were wrongdoings pertaining to the voting process”. Further in the tweet he stated that Krebs was fired.

Krebs tweeted a calm and collected response to the president’s post. It simply acknowledged that he enjoyed his time with the Department of Homeland Security, and he encouraged future directors to continue their efforts with protecting America. He ended the tweet with the #Protect2020. Deputy Director Matt Travis resigned after he realized that we would not be taking over Krebs position.