The 2021 Golden Globe awards were virtual and featured a whole host of stars. Tributes were paid to Chadwick Bosman of Black Panther fame. Other famous onscreen personalities such Bryce Dallas Howard, Andra Day, and Trevor Noah appeared.

The ceremony took place through a virtual platform that was similar to zoom. In some cases, the stars who were receiving awards could not be heard. The technology used to sponsor the event wasn’t always reliable. However, the show went on. Many of the popular Netflix shows were nominated and shows such as Schitt’s Creek were even in the running.

Hollywood A-listers such as Don Cheadle appeared at the event. Some people came to the show dressed only in a hoodie, some jeans, or some other comfortable at-home clothing. The virtual aspect of the show also took its toll on stars because some of them had to stay up as late as 4 a.m. just to receive their award. The Golden Globe awards of 2021 were a huge success.