Starting today(1/15/22) there will be changes in being able to find and get some at-home COVID-19 tests. What does this mean? It means that the new changes require private health insurers to offer more. Those private health insurers will be required to cover up to eight home COVID-19 tests. This is good news for anyone who might be wanting to test for COVID-19 at home at their own convenience. Many people have been looking for the tests and they have been difficult to come by for some. But now this might help to make them more available to those who are looking to use them.

The changes make it possible so that people can not only get just one test but they will be able to get help from those insurance providers in trying to get multiple tests if they are needing that many. The news comes as a positive announcement to those who have been worried about the coverage and how that might work out for trying to come across and get these tests. After a lot of requests and consideration, the announcement has finally been made that these are going to be the changes that are made in ensuring that people can get those tests covered by their insurance providers.

There are millions of tests available and a number of Americans have been looking to find out how they might be able to get their hands on one. Now they can also look to make sure that those tests are going to be covered too, and not just one but several of them will be covered now thanks to these changes for at-home COVID-19 tests through private health insurers. People will not need to struggle with their providers over this issue if they are looking for a test.