The Georgia Bulldogs got their revenge against the Alabama Crimson Tide in the 2022 College Football National Championships this past Monday(1/10/22). The Bulldogs were ranked number one during the 2021 – 2022 college football season. However, they lost a crucial game back on December 4, 2021, against the Tide. Alabama steamrolled the Bulldogs and beat them 41 to 24. The Bulldogs lost in this game and put the Tide in the number 1 position and knocked Georgia to the number 2 spot.

This loss was crucial to the Bulldogs. They were chosen to win the College Football National Championships early on in the season. Many college football insiders and analysts believed that the Bulldogs wouldn’t win out as expected. Still, the Bulldogs pushed on.

Georgia had to contend with the powerhouse Michigan Wolverines for the College Football Playoffs. They ended up defeating them 34 – 11. Alabama had to battle the Cinderella team, Cincinnati Bearcats, to make it to the national championships. They eliminated the Bearcats by beating them 27 – 6. Once Alabama and Georgia had secured their wins during the playoffs, they would head to Indianapolis to play in the National Championships.

The Crimson Tide was heavily favored against the Bulldogs. Their last match-up was about a month ago and Alabama dominated that game. However, Georgia was very prepared for the Crimson Tide. The Bulldogs defense was very stout and they held the Tide in check for most of the game. This is especially true for both teams during the first half.

However, the Bulldogs defensive squad proved to be more resilient. Offensively, Stetson Bennett wasn’t the most dynamic quarterback, but he managed to keep the Bulldogs moving along throughout the game. He played well enough to keep Alabama going. By the fourth quarter of the game, Bennet stepped up his game and helped to put 20 pts on the board. The fourth quarter is where the Bulldogs took the lead and won the game.

While Georgia did lose the SEC Championship game (on December 4), they managed to defeat Alabama on the national stage. This is the first College Football National Championship for the Georgia Bulldogs. Bulldog Head Coach Kirby Smart is expecting to get his team back to the College Football National Championships in 2023. When the 2021 – 2022 college football season ended the Georgia Bulldogs have been ranked the number one team in the Coaches Poll. They’re already off to a good start for the 2022 – 2023 college football season.