Starbucks has already started getting rid of the plastic straws from their locations and now they too are going to be looking at getting rid of even more waste from their chain of coffee stores. Now Starbucks is looking at also getting rid of paper coffee cups as well, this will be happening in Canada and the United States. Starbucks has been looking to drastically reduce its waste and this is just one way that they are looking to try and go about doing that. The move means that more customers will be encouraged to bring their own reusable cup or purchase one from the store. This is going to mean that millions of paper cups are not going to end up in landfills any longer because of being phased out of Starbucks locations around these two countries.

By the end of next year(2023), it could mean seeing far fewer paper cups if any at all because of those efforts to go in another direction. They are going to be making the shift from paper to reusable cups by the end of the year for the company. Starbucks has long-term sustainability goals and that means looking to go green and reduce waste when possible. They have already incorporated these measures into their packaging in one way or another, including looking to get rid of the plastic waste with straws and more paper waste with the cups that have been an iconic product offered by the company for decades. But they are moving into a more environmentally friendly model and that means pushing more reusable cups to be used by the customers. Millions of people who love Starbucks are still going to frequent despite the shift from paper cups. It will only entice even more people to go reusable as well.