Elon Musk’s company, SpaceX, faces a significant risk of bankruptcy as the organization seems to be in a Raptor Engine production scaleback, far worse than Musk had earlier on thought.

SpaceX needs to produce engines for its next generation of rockets, and it needs to make these engines at a much faster rate than what is currently occurring if the company aims to meet its 2022 target date. As things stand now, SpaceX does not seem confident of meeting this deadline.

On November 17th, Musk had expressed that SpaceX would launch the first Starship into orbit by Jan or Feb of 2022. However, on the eve of Thanksgiving, he joined hands at the production line to try and speed up the engine production process.

Raptor Engine production is key to SpaceX’s success as only the Raptor Engine can safely launch the second-generation Starlink satellites into orbit. Without revenue from Starlink subscribers, SpaceX will be out of financial options and may ultimately face bankruptcy.