When we talk about the internet, the first thing that comes into our mind is day-to-day activities such as watching a movie, booking tickets online or even checking on the latest news. The internet has both visible and invisible sites. The visible or the surface site can easily be accessed by search engines such as Google, Chrome, Firefox, or even Yahoo. The invisible are sites that one cannot access using search engines but can be accessed via a particular website such as the Tor Browser. This invisible site can be referred to as the Deep web; it can sometimes be safe or legal, for it protects the database of some private institutions that are not accessed by the public. Inside the Deep Web, we have a section called The Dark Web; this is the site that is not indexed and can only be accessed via a special website. The dark sites harbor many criminal activities. This article will discuss various holidays deals that are currently being offered on the dark web.

Fake Passports

Since most people travel during the holiday, it is possible to secure a top-notch fake traveling document from every part of the world from popular dark websites at a lower price than other regular websites on google search.

Stolen or Hacked Accounts

Most students use Netflix as a source of entertainment during the holiday season. Netflix accounts can easily be accessed via Dark Web Accounts for as little as $1.

Fake College Degrees

One can easily access a degree in their name at the college or university of their choice on the Dark Web.

Drug and Narcotics

Since the use and sale of drugs are not legal, the Dark web has become their booming market. The dark market offers drugs of every kind, including cocaine, marijuana, heroin, and many more illegal substances.

In conclusion, despite the Dark Web being associated mainly with illicit, illegal, and also immoral activities, the Dark Web offers privacy, safety as well as security to private institutions. The Dark Web hides content that is not meant for the public, thus offering protection to private sectors.