Yesterday January 6th, 2021, a Pro-Trump Mob Stormed the Capitol to stop the counting of the electoral college votes. Those votes were later said to have been in Biden’s favor, and the result of the 2020 election remained unchanged. Before they were finished counting all ballots, chaos erupted. People wearing hats that said “Make America Great Again”, signs that said “Trump 2020” and confederate flags pushed past all barricades and police and entered the Capitol building. They stormed into the building, breaking windows, attacking police, and destroying all lawmakers’ offices. The incident, stated by many, was Unconstitutional, Pathetic, and unlawful.

To make matters worse, throughout the entire insurrection, four people lost their lives. Three of those people died of unstated medical emergencies while one woman was shot in the neck by one of the Capitol Police Officers. Fourteen of the capitol police officers were injured, and one of them was much more serious than the others. There were reports of suspicious packages being delivered to Capitol areas, and all around the city. Two pipe bombs were discovered at the Republican National Committee headquarters and were safely retrieved by police.

Other dangerous weapons, seemingly going to be used through the insurrection, were a cooler full of gasoline bombs, a long gun, and bombs. Most of the arrests took place late Wednesday into early Thursday morning, most of which were for curfew violations and the carrying of guns without a license. But not all those who stormed and entered the Capitol Building were arrested.

There is now talk of removing Trump from office as he is being accused of forming a coup. Nonetheless, it was a very sad day in America, and watching from afar and on the news would make anyone sick to their stomachs. We can only hope that all becomes well, and all those who stormed injured others, brought weapons and intended to use them, and caused damage to the Building itself are arrested and charged for their unlawful actions.