Novak Djokovic beat Stefanos Tsitsipas to win the 2023 Australian Open on January 29th, 2023. He did so in three straight sets, thus making his victory that much more impressive. Djokovic had a very emotional moment after returning to his player box, which makes sense considering everything that has been happening around him.

Highlights Of Djokovic’s 2023 Win:

  • This is his tenth Australian Open win. As a result, Djokovic has extended his record as the male tennis player with the most Australian Open wins. For context, the runner-up is Roger Federer, who has six wins.
  • Speaking of which, this is Djokovic’s 22nd Grand Slam title. Thanks to that, he has now tied Rafael Nadal as the male tennis player with the most Grand Slam titles.
  • Djokovic’s career ran into some issues in recent times because he refused to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. For instance, he had been held at an immigration detention hotel in Australia for several days because he didn’t meet the entry requirements for an unvaccinated traveler. In the end, the Australians decided that his case had been mishandled, but he was nonetheless not allowed into the country to compete at the 2022 Australian Open. Similarly, he wasn’t allowed to compete at the 2022 U.S. Open for much the same reason.