Today we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day. This is something that millions of people celebrate around the country. The holiday is a time to remember the contributions of (Martin Luther King)MLK and what he achieved during his time, his work on injustice, and more. This holiday is officially the birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr, and the holiday is something that is celebrated as a federal holiday in the United States each year. This holiday is celebrated in January every year on the third Monday of the month. The holiday is something that works to bring up the occasion for many to celebrate and remember his contributions to the Civil Rights Movement and much much more.

MLK engaged in a lot of activism in his time and expressed great care for his community and others. His message of peace and understanding is something that still resonates today with many. When it comes to political issues like corruption, injustice, racial inequality, and more, we could count on MLK to stand against it and to push a narrative for more peace. Still even today we see that many look up to Martin Luther King Jr. and celebrate the contribution he made for society. This is one holiday that is enjoyed by many and it brings up the occasion to remember MLK and all that he did for others. He may have passed years ago but the memories and his words live on. His mindful words are championed by those who love him and still support his cause of his caring for civil liberties, injustice in the system, and more.