The Supreme Court stated earlier in the month(06/15/20) that they would not hear cases involving Qualified Immunity because the cases do not show a “clearly established” violation of the law.

The conversation about qualified immunity made its way to the Supreme Court because many people want qualified immunity to be re-examined due to many people feeling that this immunity allows certain police behaviors and permits police officers to be less accountable or permits police injustices to occur to civilians without serious legal repercussions.

For qualified immunity to be reviewed at the Supreme Court level Four justices in the Supreme Court will have agree to rule in the review of one case, but this has not happened yet. So far, the Supreme Court has not re-examined cases where the general public consensus is that qualified immunity was used as an excuse to allow police officials to act in an unjustified manner.

The term qualified immunity has been coming up a lot recently especially since the George Floyd killing. Qualified immunity allows certain government officials to be immune from lawsuits or legal repercussions. These government officials include police officers. With several issues happening around the country that relates to law enforcement officials and police brutality, the general public is attempting to have qualified immunity overturned at the Supreme Court level.