Kyler’s Comeback


Going into the 4th quarter on Sunday it looked like the Arizona Cardinals were going to lose to the Detroit lions. The Cardinals were down by 18 and Kyler Murray had only thrown 9 for 25 with one interception. Kyler’s debut looked to be a bust. Kyler’s 70 yards weren’t going to win the ball game. But, then in the 4th quarter Kyler’s innovation and instinct kicked in and he threw 15 for 19 with 154 yards and 2 touchdowns and tied the game at 27-27. What a comeback. Kyler stated after the game at the press conference that, “It was pretty ugly at first but you just got to stay the course.”

Kyler Murray wasn’t originally expected to start a career as a Football player but instead as a Major League Baseball Player. Kyler was selected as the 9th selection in the 2018 Major League Baseball Draft to play for the Oakland Athletics. After signing a deal to play with the Athletics, Kyler won the 2018 Heisman Trophy and opted out of playing Baseball to instead forego a career as a football player. Kyler went on to be the number one Draft Pick in the 2019 NFL Draft and was selected to play for the Arizona Cardinals.