For two and a half decades, the UN has championed a spirited campaign to bring on board all countries attending the universal environment session. The assemblies are called COPs, and it simply means “conference of the parties.” During the meeting, environmental change is discussed extensively and the measures each nation should take to stop the menace are discussed as well.

This year’s conference will commence on Sunday, October 31st to Friday, November 12th. This is the 26th annual conference, hence the name COP26, and will take place in Glasgow. The UK works closely with COP26 to have all nations agree on the best ways of dealing with climate change. COP26 is not your ordinary summit on climate change but seeks to achieve the following goals:

· Low carbon emissions
· Keep global warming to 1.5 degrees
· Protect endangered species and natural habitats by restoring and
· Phase-out use of coal
· Curb deforestation
· Accelerate the switch to electric vehicles
· Adopt more renewable energy consumption
· Protect endangered species and natural habitats by restoring and protecting ecosystems
. Create early warning systems and sustainable agricultural practices to avoid loss of livelihoods

To effectively deliver on the two objectives above, countries need to mobilize over $100 billion yearly. International monitory institutions must play their role in releasing the much-needed finances to secure global net zero.