Covid-19 took the world by surprise. Developed countries were in a rush to find a vaccine to curb the spread of this deadly pandemic. As a result, many vaccines were manufactured, which was a sigh of relief. However, these vaccines could not fully protect the people, which is why boosters were recommended.

According to some studies and critics of the covid-19 vaccines, the vaccines were said to weaken the immune system vaccine-like the Moderna vaccine, and also the first J&J vaccine scored lowly on efficiency, especially to elderly members of the community. Also, the current vaccines had started to wane immunity in some people who were fully vaccinated. Thus, the boosters are here to help reduce the risk of contracting the virus. Therefore, the boosters have been introduced to protect the population against covid-19 disease continually.

According to the FDA, the Moderna and J&J were approved because they showed a high-efficiency rate, which is much needed to help reduce the risk of contracting covid-19. Also, the approval of these vaccines helps some states roll out the vaccine and deliver them to their nursing homes. Additionally, in some situations, the early vaccines showed some weakens, and some people reacted differently to the vaccines, which showed they needed a different vaccine.

As much we already have the vaccines, some situations require a booster, and the approval by the FDA is good news to the manufacturers and all Americans.