With wildfires spreading throughout the state of California, Governor Gavin Newsom has declared that the state is in a state of emergency. Although this is a very serious and heart-wrenching period, Newsom did this so that he could properly divert all of the needed resources to properly combat the crisis throughout the state. Additionally, Newsom wanted to make sure that these resources were available simply because most of the rescue efforts have been exacerbated by the historic heatwave that the West Coat is going through and the exceedingly high winds as well.

“We want to deploy as many resources as possible to keep all of California’s communities safe. Our state continues to battle these fires on a statewide basis, and they are doing it in some terribly extreme conditions,” Governor Newsom said. “California firefighters along with their local and federal partners continue to be in lockstep to meet all of these challenges. We know that we have to remain as vigilant as possible as these dangerous weather conditions continue to plague our state.”

The governor has been working tirelessly to help protect his state. Just last week, he was able to secure some Fire Management Assistance Grants (FMAGs) from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). He believes that this will help him bolster the state’s response to these fires that continue to burn in Monterey, Napa, and Nevada County. He has also signed an emergency proclamation and an executive order to address some of the impacts of this increasingly difficult heatwave.