Inflation and supply chain issues are already causing prices to go up. This means that customers in the U.S. and other parts of the world are seeing food get more expensive. For dairy, meat, produce, and more, things are going up. But for the chicken industry, there is another problem. A recent bird flu outbreak is also bad news for the industry and this too is expected to cause poultry prices to go up once more. Through the pandemic restaurants and others have faced issues with chicken supply and prices increasing from inflation and other supply chain woes. Now again there is more of a mess with the prices once again expected to be impacted by the bird flu.

Farmers are battling an Avian flu outbreak with birds right now and this is one more issue that is going to impact the market and possibly cause already increasing chicken prices to rise even more. That will also impact those businesses who rely on those products too. The industry is already struggling significantly and this is not going to help things and will make things worse for getting the chicken to the shelves and keeping up with supply, without seeing those prices rise. Nobody wants to see this happen at a time when farmers are already suffering greatly after what the pandemic put them through. The industry is still recovering and this is not going to help things along the way, but only make it even slower for that progress back to normal to be made. Chicken and turkey farms are on high alert now because of that bird flu that is going around and is expected to highly impact the industry for chicken and turkey etc. It isn’t clear how much of an impact it might have overall yet on the prices for those goods.